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Here are a few frequently asked questions related to our SurveyWidgets -

Once you have selected a SurveyWidgets, you need to buy credits via PayPal. The first 15 hits are free which means that the first 15 times the downloaded widget is used you will not be charged. Following the first 15 hits, you are charged the price per hit (PPH) every time the widget is completed on a survey.
To buy credits first click on Sign Up. Once you have provided some details we’ll send to you a verification email, just click on the link to activate your account. Log into your account and select the widget that you would like to use. On the top right hand corner of the Widget Details page you will be able to view your current balance shown below. To buy more credits, simply select Credit Your Account. This will redirect you to the PayPal website where you can specify any amount that you intend to credit to your account.
The Price Per Hit is the sum that is charged each time the Flash question is completed in a survey.
Subscription model has been launched for high volume users who can benefit from our unlimited usage model for a specific period (3, 6 or 12 months). With this Unlimited Usage Model, you would get free updates on newly launched widgets and access to the ever growing services available on site. You would also save a fortune in detailed billing.
In Pay per Hit model, The first 15 hits are free with each downloaded Flash Widget. Once these are used, the per click price is deducted from your account each time your Flash widgets are used.
In Subscription (Unlimited Usage) model, You can subscribe the widget for a specific period (3, 6 or 12 months) by paying once.
Yes. We include 15 free hits but we understand that some people need to test more. These tests are charged according to the PPH.
To buy more credits, simply click Credit Your Account on the Widget Detail page. This will redirect you to the PayPal website where you can specify any amount that you intend to credit to your account.

You must have credit in your account for your downloaded SurveyWidgets to be functional.
Suppose your survey will have a sample of 1000 respondents. Multiply your sample by the PPH of your required widget(s). Multiply this again by if you intend to use the same widget several times throughout each survey. We suggest that you have credit your account with at least this calculated credit balance.
Please refer to How to Download a SurveyWidgets section for more information.
Information on compatibility can be found here.
The SurveyWidgets are hosted on our servers and these are downloaded automatically to the respondent’s system via the Triple-S XML included into your survey questionnaire.
Please refer to Using SurveyWidgets in Surveys section for more information.
The newly imported Survey is imported as a new survey. You can simply copy the subfolders of the newly created survey into your Survey questionnaire.
Please refer to Specifying Values from the Previous Question section for more information.
Yes, you can reuse the same SurveyWidgets that you have created in as many Survey Questionnaires assuming your account has sufficient funds.
This is not possible, you will need to reselect and customise the widget through the SurveyWidgets site and download again.
If the Flash is not being displayed in your Survey Questionnaire, please check your credit balance with us using the widget detail page. You can purchase more credits by clicking Credit Your Account.
To use the Survey Widget’s Application Program Interface (API), you can refer to the Using Survey Widgets
API section for more information.
Our Survey Widgets have been successfully tested with Nebu, Voxco and Sawtooth in addition to Confirmit and Dimensions.
To use the Survey Widget’s Application Program Interface (API) for usage on Nebu, you can refer to the Using SurveyWidgets API section on How To Use Page for more information.
For survey platforms other than Confirmit and Dimensions, say for example, Nebu and Sawtooth, the Survey Widgets are loaded using scripts which enable the survey programmer to invoke these widgets from our website while the Survey Questionnaire is loaded on the respondents’ machines. A description of how to embed these scripts in the Survey Questionnaire is contained in a Zipped text file. It is this Zip file which is downloaded to your system.
Our Survey Widgets are compatible with the Java Script and HTML.
The below two methods have been successfully tested to utilize our Survey Widgets –
  • HTML Object Tag: This method uses the HTML Object tag of the Hyper Text Markup Language to invoke a Survey Widget in a Survey Questionnaire.
  • JavaScript SWFObject Method: This method uses the SWFObject of JavaScript to invoke a Survey Widget in a Survey Questionnaire.
A detailed description of these methods can be found in the SFT API Usage Text document which is downloaded as a ZIP file.

The files you are downloading is a package and will give similar names every time you download. If you want to use same widget, more than once, you will have to manually go into the scripts and change variable names & hidden question names.
Please perform following activities-

  • Drag the Flash Input, Flash Object and Flash Output folders from the secondary project to the main project. Change the naming of the variables.
  • Flash Input folder - Please change “qhid_mask” to “qhid_mask1”. Similarly change “qhid_sft_rpg” to “qhid_sft_rpg1”. Also ensure that in the following scripts in Flash Input folder i.e.“Insert_Values_Recieved_From_Previous_Question” & “Mask_Special_Characters” where-ever variables “qhid_mask” & “qhid_sft_rpg” used please change it to “qhid_mask1” & “qhid_sft_rpg1”.
  • Flash Object folder – Please change “qhid_sft_rpg” to “qhid_sft_rpg1” and save the file. Please change ‘Flash Object” name in the QID to “ Flash Object1”.
  • Flash Output folder - Please change “qhid_open_flash_output” to “qhid_open_flash_output1”. Please change the same naming convention in “Returned value” script inside the flash output folder.

Once all the above task has been performed, please compile the survey.
Run the link and you would be able to view 2 widgets in one link.
Using this methodology you can integrate more widgets in one link.




<title>Survey Widgets Html Script</title>

1.  Step

Place Javascript here.


2.  Step

Place VB script here.




3.  Step

Place object script here.


4.  Step

Place input type text tag here.




User needs to run HTML file via IIS server.


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