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Pricing & Timings
  Pricing & Timings  

Traditionally, creating and adding dynamic Flash elements into a survey meant high costs and delays in timings. Consequently, many clients and surveys which could have benefited, went without.

With SurveyWidgets that all changes. Now Flash can always be an option even on low budget projects with the tightest deadlines.

  Pricing of SurveyWidgets  
Subscription Model (Unlimited Usage)

A new model has been launched for high volume users who can benefit from our unlimited usage model for a specific period (3, 6 or 12 months).


With this Unlimited Usage Model, you would get free updates on newly launched widgets and access to the ever growing services available on site. You would also save a fortune in detailed billing.


Reference: For more information, please click how to use.


We are committed to adding to new products all the time to these subscription plans. Please refer pricing index for the unlimited usage of each widget.

Price Per Hit (PPH)

For every widget in the menu you will see the ‘Price Per Hit’ (PPH).

All testing and customisation of widgets on this site is not charged.

Your account is charged the PPH each time the widget is completed in a survey.

We include 15 FREE hits of the widget for testing with every widget that you download.

If the same widget is used several times throughout a questionnaire, the widget is charged for each use.


For example: The photo gallery (PG4799) was used 3 times on a questionnaire on a project with a sample size of 150.


Flash Project Fee   =   $0.26 (PPH) x 3 x 150   =   $117

Use the price calculator to calculate any costs for any project to complete project proposals and estimations.
Payments are made in advance for all widget usage. You can add funds your account using most major credit cards through the secure payment system. Sign up or log into your account for details. Payments can be topped up at any time throughout the course of the project.
Our advanced team of Flash developers can assist you should you require a custom built widget.

The exceptional benefit of SurveyWidgets is the savings that users can make when adding Flash functionality into a survey. Once you have chosen your widget from the portfolio, it can be customised, downloaded and copied into your survey environment in just a few minutes!

Timings for custom built widgets are provided with your cost estimation.

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